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A videographer & editor, podcaster, and freelance writer based in Toronto

About Me

I’m a stopover and layover expert who writes high-quality, search engine optimized travel articles from itineraries, destination-specific pieces to product reviews for online publications and blogs including my own.
But why stop there? I’m also a talented storyteller that transcends one media format. With everyone turning to video platforms like YouTube, I am a skilled videographer and editor that can bring destinations, services, food and products to life.
Since a picture says a thousand words, as a talented photographer I can assure your brand will have a captivating story.
I can talk travel all day, every day.

I have so many stories and experiences that whether professionally or personally, purposely or unintentionally, I’ve become the person people seek out when the travel bug bites. Planning trips can be overwhelming and I love taking that stress away by focusing on actionable itineraries which highlight captivating travel destinations, on and off the beaten path with lots of adventure, culture, food and of course beer.

At the end of the day, I’m a passionate storyteller that can tell stories on several different platforms. Whether it’s finding your product’s voice through photography, shooting and editing a video to capture the energy of your event, narrating or producing high-quality, well-researched travel articles.

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