A lot of airlines are now offering stopover flights. However, stories of long painful ten and 18-hour layovers in an airport are still fresh in the average traveller’s mind. Most people, in an attempt to completely avoid being stranded in an airport, would rather pay more money for a direct flight. The founders, Ela and Douglas, developed a way to book flights which included simulated stopovers. The process took days to plan so they turned booking technique stopover flight search engine. Awesome.

Work with travel blogs and travel bloggers that align with your brand. Our travel blog Rudderless Travel specializes in short trips & mini-breaks; weekend getaways, stopovers and layovers itineraries. While Airwander finds you ways save money by adding additional cities to your stopover itinerary. Rudderless Travel creates the itineraries to help you explore cities during a stopover. All of a sudden forgetting about that direct flight and explore stopover options is not such a bad idea.

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