Most business that have been around for a long time, pre social media, might understand the importance of social media but have no time for it. Restaurants launched post social media tend to have a better handle on their social media accounts. Adelia, owner and manager of Lisbon By Night Restaurant gets the importance of social media and wants content in various formats to distribute to the restaurants followers.

Lisbon By Night Restaurant needs fresh new content for their social media accounts.
Rudderless needed footage of a live Fado show and possible interview with a Fado singer for its Rudderless in Lisbon video/episode. Fado Music is a very important part of Portuguese culture.
The solution: Partner with Lisbon By Night in order to give them fresh new content in the form of 2 videos and hi-res pictures. Rudderless gets it’s Fado footage and an incredible seafood dinner.

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